Tandem Kayak Rental

Tandem Kayak

Enjoy Mission Bay

We rent it all! Our fleet includes: Stand Up Paddleboards, all types of Kayaks (single, tandem, sea, outrigger, surf ski), and even Duffy Boats!
South Mission Bay provides one of the best tandem kayak rentals in San Diego. Grab a partner and a paddle, and get down to South Mission Bay. While you’re at it, bring your dog – because why not? Our best friends deserve a water date. Pick-up some surf lessons! It’s no surprise that San Diego has the best beaches in Southern California, so take advantage of it with a friend! Whether you are visiting or a native to this fine city, get out there and paddle.

$30 / 90 minutes

($5 for additional 30 minute increments or $10 for an additional hour)
Ages: All ages are welcome / Weight: 550 lbs. capacity
Mission Bay



Cancellations: Full payment is required at the time of reservation to reserve your place on any local tour or lesson and rentals.

Full Refund: We reserve the right to change any itinerary to match existing conditions. If we must cancel due to unsafe or unsuitable weather or sea conditions (as determined by our qualified staff), you will have your choice of credit, or a full refund. We are not responsible for non-refundable hotel or transportation costs.

Full Refund: If you cancel more than 24 hours before your rental, tour or lesson, you will receive a refund or credit (your choice).

No Refund: No refund or credit will be given if you cancel less than 24 hours before your rental, tour or lesson for any reason, including those beyond your control. You may substitute another paddler provided they meet any skill or experience requirements.